Attraction Overview: Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is Greece’s “second city”, a lively little town just north of Athens (Greece’s ‘first city’). Much like most of Greece, it is well-known for the history, culture, beautiful architecture, tasty cuisine, and seaside views. The streets are noted to be vibrant and full of life, giving tourists something to look forward to when they visit.

See the whole of Thessaloniki after you climb up to the top of the Byzantine wall. This’ll be especially beautiful when the sun has begun to set, lighting the area with a beautiful glow. The Arch of Galerius (pictured at the very top) is a 4th- century monument that has intricate markings on it. You can also check out the White Tower, the town’s most famous sight.

By day, you can enjoy a leisurely exploration of all the available attractions and take photos to commemorate your adventures. Take in the sights, dine in style, and act the part of the excited tourist. But once night falls, go out for a night of leisure and partying! The evening scene in Thessaloniki is known for its nightlife and music, perfect if you want to enjoy your nights as much as you did for the daytime.