Boracay Re-opening Incoming

Still awaiting the opening of the "the island that never sleeps"? Well, your wait will be over soon enough because Boracay will soon be opening its doors once again to the general public this October 2018!

The vacation spot was closed back in April 2018 for rehabilitation, with overpopulation and buildings in prohibited areas being a major reason for the island’s declining water and nature quality. After it was closed away from both local and foreign tourists and work had begun to salvage it from its questionable state, observations by local authorities note the island’s overall water quality has begun to improve in both color and smell.

Only time will truly tell how much has changed for the beloved vacation destination. With the rising popularity of the white sand beaches and idyllic waters, multiple businesses and establishments began to crowd and suffocate its natural beauty. At the very least, this rehabilitation project will loosen the chokehold of pollution and overpopulation on this treasured island getaway.

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