Categorizing with Mini-pouches

Do you always organize your bags only to find it in a jumble whenever you get to your destination? Maybe it gets hard to look for smaller items even when the bag is neat-looking? It can be a little annoying to take the time to arrange your bag only to have a hard time taking things out and putting them back in without making a little mess or having a bag that seems a lot more cluttered than when you arrived.
A simple tip can help make bag arranging a lot easier and less of a hassle. Just use a bunch of small pouches and Ziploc bags to keep things arranged in order. Arrange all of your items by category: electronic chargers, laptop items, toiletries, first aid kit, etc. Keeping these items in pouches by category will definitely make it easier to make certain articles easier to find, keep them from mixing in with other items, and make removing them from your luggage after a trip simpler.
Sizeable cloth pouches for items like mobile chargers or power banks are often recommended, maybe with some mesh to make it faster to locate the item you intend to use. For liquid-based items like medicine, contact lens solution, or alcohol, a Ziploc bag would work best so that your other items won’t be stained or wet in case the bottles are damaged.