Global News: Airport Robots, Millennial's Food Destinations, and more!

How Airports will Integrate Robots
As modern science steps forward, innovations around the house and the community become more and more apparent. Another step will be taken in the near future where robots will help make your airport experience a lot less of a hassle! From carrying your bags to serving you a cup of coffee, who knows what else the future of robotics may present in the coming years.
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Follow #Wanderlust
In the world of technology, keeping connected is as easy as connecting to the net and sending a message. In today’s age of heightened technological connection, all it takes is a hashtag to find the many different things that you’re looking for. There are many different hashtags out there that can lead tourists and travelers to new and exciting adventures with a single click.
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China's Skyscraper Falls
Who said you couldn’t bring the beauty of nature into the big city? A new building in China did just that by creating a 108-meter waterfall that flows from the side of the building. Found in the middle of the Guiyang, Guizhou capital, it’s truly an impressive sight to behold.
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Millennial's Food Trippin' in Italy
Millennial travel trends are on the rise, and it seems like the way to a traveler's heart is through their stomach. Foodie millennials are following some of the tastiest food trends out right now, and all radars are pointing the way to Italy and its deliciously authentic, cheesy dishes.
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Stepping it up in Asia
When traveling across Asia, we can’t help but think about getting a bus or taxi to get to your next destination. But have you ever thought about making your way across a city by your own two feet alone? Asia, while large, has some of the most walkable cities around the world which you definitely need to check out!
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