Global News: Hawaii's Lava Coastline, Japan's Tourist Guide, and more!

Hawaiian Volcano Increases Coastline by a Mile
Since it’s eruption in May, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has widened the surrounding area across the nearby coast by an impressive 1 mile since the natural phenomenon began. Apparently, the lava delta has been building up for months and, in addition to the sudden expanse of land, formed a new island off the coast that is 30 ft in diameter.

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Australian Population Booms Beyond Prediction
Hitting 25 million in the population count, Australia’s numbers have spiked 33 years ahead of the predicted time. The reason for this sudden rise? Numbers point to immigration and high birth rates in recent times.

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Pre-travel Japan Tourist Guide
Haven’t been to Japan yet? It can be tough trying to figure things out when you have no prior experience of such a different culture, but a handy guide may be all you need to make travels in the country of the rising sun a lot comfier and easy to go through.

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New Zealand Rugby Team Supports Philippine Sport Enthusiasts
Philippine rugby fans were given a real treat when the New Zealand Mangatainoka Barbarians flew to the Philippines for a week on a mission to promote the sport to the masses. Aside from playing a game with a local team, the Manila Barbarians, and performing their traditional war cry, the Haka, they offered a check for P800,000 to the Philippine Rugby Football Union. This will help fund and hopefully spread the influence of the sport across the country.

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How to Pack Food for Backpackers
Backpacker newbies may want to keep food in mind during their travels, but there are certain rules and tips that can help you make the right calls when it comes to preparing for both snacks and meals when it comes to traveling across the world on your own two feet (literally).

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