Global News: Luggage Tagging Done Right, Books to Travel With, and more!

Tag It Right
"What to put in your luggage " has long been a controversial topic. While you may feel like displaying your home address may be a little too much to put out there, think about what would happen to your luggage if it got lost? Would it be appropriate to indicate your work address instead? A contact email? Here are tips on how to make sure your luggage has the necessary info needed without compromising your personal details.
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Books to Travel With
Apart from music, one of the best things that will keep you company during your adventures is a good read. Books take you to places that you can only sometimes imagine and help broaden your knowledge and understanding of people, places, and things. It allows you to get creative in your own ways. Books can also bring about a new perspective on life and there’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshing new read while taking your sweet, sweet time during your travels.
Next Stop: Morocco
Apart from Morocco’s interesting architectural design, food scene, and lifestyle culture, there’s a lot more one can look forward to while in this country. While many take the mainstream route when traveling there, exploring some of its less-traveled destinations, engaging in underrated activities and actually interacting with locals are just some of the things that make your trip a truly memorable one.
Where to Celebrate Oktoberfest (outside Munich)
A rousing festival of food, drinking, and being merry! That’s what Oktoberfest is all about. While it does originate from the lands of Germany, that doesn’t necessarily means its restricted to that region only. There are a lot of other places who love to get into the spirit of the holiday, whether it's in Asia or the good ol’ US of A!
Expect the unexpected in Jordan
Sacred. Sandy. Peaceful. People have many other similar adjectives when trying to describe Jordan, a serene region in the Middle East. But what about words like “fun” or “exciting” and “fresh”? Uncover this unexpected side of this often misinterpreted land that is sure to entertain visitors of all kinds to the fullest.