Global News: Retiree's Travel Destinations, Activities to Help Combat Jet Lag, and more!

2018 Retirement Vacation Destinations
Of all the many places you have traveled to, there will always that one place (or two) that will win your heart. If you're one of the retiree travelers, an analysis shows that baby boomers (ages 60 and above) are those who frequently travel the longest and spend more on airfares and accommodations compared to the younger generations. Here are popular destinations that offer exciting activities for retirees:
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The 7 Most Deliciously Healthy Japanese Mushrooms
Mushrooms may be a favored addition to any pizza or soup, but in Japan, they have seven varieties which contribute to both flavor and healthy eating. Mushrooms are a vital part of many Japanese dishes and thus there are a variety of ways one can enjoy them when visiting the Land of the Rising Sun. From Shiitake to Enoki, the different shapes and colors also represent many different flavors and benefits when prepared in certain ways.
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Phuket’s Battle Plan Against Plastic
Thailand’s Phuket is a magnet for tourists in Southeast Asia who love the natural landscapes and enchanting beaches. The problem with an influx of tourists, however, is an increase in the irresponsible garbage disposal. This means that plastic garbage, one of the hardest materials to biodegrade or dispose of properly, becomes a rampant affront to the island’s natural beauty. Phuket’s hotels and accommodations have found a way to change their recycling game and promote greener service to travelers visiting.
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Airline-recommended Anti-Jet Lag Exercises
Nobody likes getting jetlagged when an exciting adventure awaits you in your destination. Apart from sitting for a long time on a plane seat and having to deal with small legroom, change in time zone is another thing that can be tough to deal with. A few workout routines that are sure to combat a headache and awaken your neuromuscular system to get you ready for the great adventure ahead are just what you need.
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Europe: Vacations in the City
Going on a vacation doesn't necessarily mean outbound destinations. Sometimes a drive to the closest city from where you leave could be your next great getaway just waiting to happen. Whether or not you're on a budget, a city break is definitely a fun way to relax, unwind, and explore. Check out these cities across Europe that's worth visiting (and won't burn holes in your pocket!)
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