Global News: Travel Packing for Comfort, Australian Wine Trips, and more!

Comfy Travel Items You’ll Need
Without the right tools, travel can be quite the ordeal. Being unprepared while on the go can lead to some awkward and uncomfortable situations for both yourself and even others. Having the right item at the right time can be super handy so always have a list of must-brings in mind the next time your decide to travel
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Australia: A Wine-ding Road
The “Land Down Under” isn’t just just known for its aboriginal tribes and world-famous marsupials. It should also be noted that it's a great place to drive cross-country and try out their wide selection of quality wines (don’t drink and drive, folks!) Travel across the plains and cities to have a taste of the finer things in life.
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Good Morning San Francisco: A Breakfast Guide
It can be hard to get a good breakfast in a big city. With a simple guide, however, San Francisco can be pretty easy to conquer even before the light of the morning sun shines through. Grab a handy guide and seek out the perfect morning meal during your stay at the ‘Golden Gate City’.
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Drink and Be Merry in Sydney
Get your beer mugs and fun times from the closet, cause Melbourne’s Royal Oktoberfest is heading north to Sydney for 2018! With original German food to enjoy and more than 50 varieties of imported beer available (along with wines, schnapps, ciders and spirits), its going to be one big celebration of drinking and dining!
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Stolen Bells Return to the Philippines
Seized during a war between the US and the Philippin
es centuries ago, American troops will soon return the Balangiga Bells to its home country. Due to the request of President Rodrigo Duterte, the United States has finally decided to return the trophy of war to where it truly belongs.
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