Hotel Feature: Vacation-ready Vitalis

Have you ever seen a photograph of a Greek town near the ocean? With their white buildings accented by a tinge of blue along with a seaside scent, it can be very charming. That’s the feel the Ilocos Sur-based resort, Vitalis Villas, is trying to emulate.

The resort is a relaxing seaside accommodation that features open skies, delicious food, and, as the name implies, quality villas for rent. There are even pools to help you cool off during the day. In some comfy and spacious villas available across the resort, you’ll have a jacuzzi. This lets you to take a relaxing dip in the comfort of your accommodation.

While exploring the property, you might notice striking artwork around the resort by local artists. You’ll find some of these thought-tugging pieces in the Pantheon, a large area where events can be held.
One thing to look forward to also is the food. Head to the Snack Bar and give their tasty drinks and dishes a try! For your 3 big meals for the day, enjoy an alternating buffet included with your booking for free at Petra, the resort’s main restaurant.

No place could be as comfy and as enjoyable to stay in as the ever dependable and artistic Vitalis Villas. You owe it to yourself to stay in a place where you can make great memories. Until next time, enjoy your travels.