Palaces to See in Europe

Windsor Castle
Founded in the 11th century by William the Conqueror and serving as a home to Royals for almost 1000 years, The castle spans 15 hectares and is recognized as the world's largest and oldest inhabited palace. Apart from being the weekend destination for the Queen, tying the knot in Windsor Castle has also become a family tradition among royal couples including the newly-wed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Why not feel a royal for a day on a stroll in the grounds of this regal residence?
Neuschwanstein Castle
Set on the rugged Alps in Bavaria, Germany, is a fairytale castle surrounded by fascinating landscapes. Neuschwanstein Castle, which directly translates to "New Swan Castle", was built by the King Ludwig II of Bavaria in honor of and inspired by world-renowned composer Richard Wagner. Exuding an "old German knight's castle" feel, the construction started in 1869 without Ludwig seeing it finished until it was completed in its simplified form in 1892. It has become the inspiration of Disney fairytale castles like that of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and is among the most-visited and most charming castles in Europe. Whether you're a fan of Disney fairytales or not, you'd surely be swept away by this majestic towering fortress once you've come across it on aGerman Vista tour.
Belvedere Palace
Originally built as a summer residence for and by Prince Eugene of Savoy, the Belvedere Palace is among the most prominent of Baroque structures in Austria. The building comprises two separate structures, the Upper Belvedere, a two-story hall that offers commanding views of Vienna's first district and houses a grand art collections (medieval pieces, Klimt, Baroque, and more), and the Lower Belvedere which primarily served as a home but is now used as a venue for various exhibits. These two stunning architectural structures are connected by the vast Palace Garden. Take your own Instagrammable post in this iconic landmark through an affordable European tour (that also comes with an Oberammergau experience)!
Schonbrunn Castle
A structure in Vienna that has been labeled as "the most-visited". This 1,441-room imperial summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs has a history dating back the 14th century and is among Austria's architectural, cultural, and historical treasures. The palace and its vast park gardens, which were opened to the public since 1779 and spans 186.28 hectares, is listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. You just can't pass up the opportunity to tick off another world-renowned landmark like this, and the 8-day Munich to Vienna package is the perfect tour to accomplish just that.
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Heidelberg Castle
This pleasant-looking building is situated atop a hill, offering a spectacular view of the old Heidelberg town below. The palace was built throughout three centuries with different architectural styles since its construction during the 13th century- Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. Even after being hit by a lightning bolt along with damage from wars and fires, the castle continues to attract tourists from across the globe with its historic charms. There's unspeakable beauty in ruins, much more with castle ruins, which makes it an interesting attraction to look into as a cruise stop along the Romantic Rhine.
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