Spotlight: Group Travels - The More, The Merrier

Planning a journey on your own is easy. Everything is entirely based on your choices- from your time and schedule to budget and preferences. Traveling, in general, would mean facing a lot of unexpected bumps on the road, which is normal. Aside from said bumps along the way, you can enjoying every new experience of your trip - meeting locals, finding your way across town to get to a landmark, getting a first taste of that local delicacy, the joy of ticking an item off your bucket list, and more, because these are little achievements you'd love to celebrate on your own. However, these are things that are best experienced with people dear to you or those whom you share the same passion with.
Mango Tours Outbound Tours Specialist Cherie Bobis with Liberty Insurance Group during the 6 days 5 nights Cruise (Manila - Ishigaki, Japan - Keelung, Taiwan - Manila) via Star Cruise Superstar Virgo from April 24-29, 2018
Traveling with a group (whether big or small), much like solo trips, has its pros and cons as well. It takes a lot of patience to deal with every participants' schedules and budget, and, without an agent to assist you with all the requirements needed, it can be quite a challenge for one to do all the planning. Here are the points that need consideration for group travels:
Budget: Generally, group travel packages are cheaper since there are often group rates for hotel accommodation, transfers, activities, and tours, which lets travelers save extra money for other things. While recommendations from families, colleagues, or friends with previous experience on such travel are indeed helpful, it is equally important to do a review of your preferred travel company before asking for any booking assistance.
Guide/Tour Escort Assistance: One of the greatest joys one will get from traveling in a group is the assistance of a tour guide/escort who has extensive knowledge of the places your group will travel to. Knowing that someone is there to offer help when it comes to inquiries about your destination throughout the travel can be very reassuring.
Liberty Insurance Group on Gala Dinner at Star Dining Restaurant and lunch at Samurai Restaurant
Activities: Group travels mean you have a designed itinerary, meaning there is usually more controlled traveling and less freedom to explore on your own.
Hotel: Choosing your hotel accommodation is the least of your worries since you have a travel agent who assists with your group's travel bookings. And since you're not alone in the place you are staying in during the duration of your tour, there's a feeling of satisfaction knowing everything is being taken care of. The downside though is that you don't have an option to choose a specific hotel and preferred location.
Mango Tours Sales Manager, Arwin de Castro, and the Liberty Insurance group during our first stop in Juneau, Alaska. They visited the Mendenhall Glacier, the most accessible glacier in Alaska.

Tours: There are different kinds of tours which vary depending on the intention of the travel. There are leisure trips for family and friends (that may include destination weddings, birthdays, and reunions); for business, educational, and fundraising. Group travels like cruises include designed itineraries with guided tours by land through different ports your group will visit. Others, like pilgrimage tours, are arranged with specific activities like attending masses or visiting shrines within countries or cities. Should you wish to explore a destination on your own, ask your agent for available optional tours you can look into during free time from group's activities.
Flexibility: Depending on the type of travel, guided vacation tours are less adventurous, which makes it a great choice for big families. Though it can be time restricted, you are guaranteed a worry-free trip all throughout.
One of the many benefits of travel is it is an avenue for learning. While they all say that we learn many things within the four corners of a classroom, all that is just theory. It is outside our comfort zone that application and experience put you to the actual test. Being able to discover something that's entirely different from what you're accustomed to is indeed fulfilling and liberating, especially when the experience is shared with family and/or friends.
Taken at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington