Travel Treats: Burrito, Mexico

Who doesn’t like a delicious, spice-filled Mexican dish? No other Mexican fare is as well-known across the globe as the burrito, a delicious wrap-style Mexican dish that melds multiple flavors into one taste sensation. Multiple vegetables, some meat, and many other ingredients (in the modern incarnation) are contained in a single dish that most people can’t wait to wrap their fingers around and take a big, juicy bite.

It starts off with a tortilla, a piece of unleavened flatbread which will house all of the good things that make up this flavorful favorite. In the original recipe, fried beans and meat (usually beef) is laid on the bread before it is rolled up into a pocket of eatable goodness. In recent times, items like cheese, rice, and other salad-type ingredients are then included to give the dish an even bigger range of tastes and flavors.

It's definitely a great way to make a filling meal without having to procure multiple dishes on the table. It’s got everything people enjoy: juicy beef, zesty veggies, and mouth-watering cheese. Once you give this wrapped wonder a nibble, you might find yourself wanting more and more!