Where to Go in August?

August brings a certain feeling of nostalgia and euphoria - the last month to soak up the remaining glorious sunshine and the onset of colder and longer nights. Embrace the fine days until it last in places that still promise warmth, fun, and adventure under the sun.
The month of August is a great season for traveling to Bali, even if it is an ideal year-round destination. Exploring the iconic green rice paddies and hiking are some of the activities to try under the tropical sun (don’t forget the sunscreen!). It can get really hot, however, during the dry season which makes it the perfect time to hit the fantastic beaches of this country. And if you don't want to lounging under the sun or stroll by the beach, then you'd better catch some waves instead! Both wet and dry seasons in Bali offer surfers - amateurs and pros, swells, and strong winds that won't disappoint in certain beaches.
It can get a bit crowded in Austria since it has a lot to offer tourists aside form the delightful weather. Hopping on a bike or Segway tour lets you traverse the alleys of old towns or public parks. Get a taste of locally-produced wines on winery tours or, for a more exciting experience, join the annual festival at the winery village packed full of wines, costumes, music and all things local.
August is a festival month for Scotland's capital. The frenzied vibe of Edinburgh brought about by the most exciting actors, artists, and street performers from across the world is something you just cannot miss. From cafes and pubs to food stalls of various types that pop up in every corner of the city and a book fair happening in the same month, you won't run out of things to look forward to in August. And if there's one place that's sure to live up to the "eat, drink, and be merry," experience, it's Edinburgh.
While visiting this country seems much more inviting during the cold season, travelers can be greeted with the incredible summertime fun. Summers in Japan can get pretty hot and insistently humid, but with cultural and dance festivals, lively carnivals, fireworks dazzling the skies, food fairs, firefly-watching, and thrilling hikes to Mt. Fuji to welcome you this season, you'd barely care about being sweaty and sticky under the sun.
With winter season ending in August, you can expect fairer weather in Australia this month. Skies are blue and clear while seas are calm, offering great opportunities to explore the outdoors and get up-close with the wildlife underwater or on land. August also marks the migration of humpback whales including Australia's famous albino humpback, Migaloo.