Attraction Overview: Bondi Beach, Australia

Australia has always been seen as a warm and wild country to explore, but one of the things Australia is known for is their avid beach scenes and love for sand, sun, sea. The warm vibe, golden-brown bodies of beach-goers, and the beautiful waves splashing on the shore make it one of the greatest and famous beaches of the world.
Bondi is actually quite the hit with the locals, being a popular venue for both Christmas and New Year. Since the months of December to February is summertime for that part of the world, it seems almost fitting that people would wear Santa hats while getting a tan in their swimsuits. From morning to night , there’s fun to be found on this beach.
Travelers can find all kinds of fun on the beach and around the shore. Stroll around the coastal walks, shop around the little stores across the street and even enjoy the Sunday market. If you plan on swimming, make sure to stay in the specified areas. Even with its beautiful waters, some tides and currents can be a little strong and push the unsuspecting swimmer to sea. One sport you can enjoy in the water with a little risk is surfing, one of the most loved water activities to do here. If you truly want to feel the Bondai experience for yourself, you’ll have to book yourself a fun and exciting journey to this seaside setting for yourself.