Global News: 2018 Fall Destinations, New Modern Fleet, and more!

Wonder-fall Destinations
The transition from summer to fall is one of the most heartwarming sights to see. While not everyone may not be enthusiastic with the coming of this season, some look forward to the many fascinating sights that it brings. The fall foliage is undeniably picturesque and traveling to places that bring out the awe-inspiring colors of nature is among the major draws of this season.
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Soar Like Never Before
Take your flight experience in the sky a notch higher with these fleet! From extra comfy domestic coaches, brand new engines, folding wings, and even cutting flight duration by almost half. Travels to and fro places across the country or your favorite global destinations will only get more fun and remarkable in the coming years.
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Hong Kong 101
Hong Kong is definitely one of the world’s top tourist destinations, but what makes it so special? The attractions? The shopping? The food? While it won’t make you an expert, having a great guide can definitely help you root out some great places and experiences exclusive to amazing oriental powerhouse of tourism.
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Food Travel Do’s and Dont’s
Who doesn’t love to eat while out traveling? Food is an essential part of adventuring but there may be a few things you can and can’t do. Sometimes, it pays to look into travel food taboos, both worldwide and in specific countries. A quick internet search and read can go a long way.
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When traveling across Asia, we can’t help but think about getting a bus or taxi to get to your next destination. But have you ever thought about making your way across a city by your own two feet alone? Asia, while large, has some of the most walkable cities around the world which you definitely need to check out!
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