Global News: Swiss Views by Rail, Reasons Visit New Zealand, and more!

Sightseeing on Rails
Nowadays, travels are all about rushing and speed. Flash ticket sales. Holiday rushes. Minimum vacation time. Wouldn’t it be great to take a trip and just put eeeeverrryyyythiiiing iiin slooooow mooooootiiiioooon? Well Switzerland has a solution for the rush-hungry adventurers of the day. This may sound negative, but maybe riding the “slowest express train in the world may give your inner engine some time to cool off and appreciate the view outside a train window just slowly scrolling by.
Fall Travels in Asia and Pacific
With the Fall almost upon us, it may be time to break out your hard earned funds for a pre-holiday rush adventure! Set your sights on Asia and the Pacific, because they’ve got some amazing destinations that are perfect for solo or group travels. Make your choice and explore one of Asia’s many enchanting destinations for this coming season.
Put NZ on Must-visit List
Excited to travel the globe and adopt a jet-setting or nomadic-type lifestyle? Before everything else, you must put New Zealand first on your list. It’s definitely a great starting point because it’s got nearly everything a traveler might want to experience across the world. World class diving spots? Check. Mountainside skiing? Check. Island adventuring? Check. Get yourself a small taste of everything before immersing into a wide ocean of diverse countries by heading to this blessed country.
Travel Safety Initiatives Being Implemented by China
With so many domestic (due to its large population) and international flights, its an understatement to say Chinese Airlines are one of the busiest public facilities around. But with such large crowds, the potential for unsafe travel waits and processes may exist at said airports. From natural disasters to security breaches, all types of situations are being cited. With this reasoning in mind, China has decided to launch new and safer travel initiatives to help make stays at the local airports, faster, easier, and (more importantly) secure for everybody.
Packing Mistakes You Can Avoid
Travel hacks today are all about how you can fit all of your favorite items into one or two bags for easy travels. Much like how a coin has two sides, however, just being able to pack everything you want and need into as little bags as possible does not cover all the small and important things you could be overlooking. Looking into the little things will definitely pay off big in the long run.