Global News: Tropical Destinations for Solo Travels, How to Help Typhoon Ompong Victims, and more!

Solo Travels to Tropical Paradises
The idea of traveling solo (especially for women) as taboo is long gone. Now, solo trips are among the many travel trends of this generation. For those of you who wish to take on such a journey, the first thing to consider is the destination. If you’re a beach lover and dream of being whisked away by life in paradise, here are the top tropical destinations the brave and wandering soul in you should take on.
#TyphoonOmpong: How You Can Help
Recently, the Typhoon Ompong passed through the Philippines from Sept. 15 leaving a bit of a mess in its wake in areas of northern Luzon. A report from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council estimates that around 5.2 million people were in the typhoon’s path and thus were affected by the storm. Learn how to do your part when it comes to helping these typhoon victims in need.
Travel Eco-friendly
Every time you set foot in a new destination, you are more than just a traveler. You are a representation of your country and a messenger, you impart knowledge of not only your culture but also of how to be a responsible caretaker of mother earth. Carrying out green travels through all things environment-friendly - form the things you bring to where you stay and the activities you engage are among the ways to convey a message of being a responsible globetrotter.
Fall 2018 Activities
The gloriously long and sunny days have slowly started fading, signaling the incoming fall season. While the pretty fall foliage, cool nights, complete wardrobe changes, and pumpkin spice aren’t here yet, there are things that you can enjoy as you gracefully transition to the most colorful season out there.
Israel is More Than Just The Holy Land
Had plans to visit the Holy Land? Tourists will be happy to know that Israel is overhauling some aspects around the region to make it easier for visitors, pilgrims or otherwise, to move around and find what they need. From cable cars to railways, getting to where you want to go will be a faster, more pleasant experience for everybody.