Global News: Why Travel Now, Crazy Rich Asian Filming Locations, and more!

Why Travel Now
In today’s world of digital connectivity, travel can be an important tool to help root out what is real to what are baseless rumors and falsification. Sometimes, we can’t fully trust what we read online and on social media. From clever wordplay to making use of the gullibility of today’s digitally-drawn generation, it can be easy to claim something wrong. This includes rumors of cultures, races, and countries that face unwarranted prejudice and stereotyping. By traveling and exploring the world, you can decide for yourself what’s truly right and wrong.
Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Re-opens
In May, eruptions from Kilauea volcano were the reason why the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park was closed off. The pyroclastic flows proved to be a danger to locals and travelers and did not make the areas around the natural heat vent ideal for exploration. Recently, however, the park has once again opened its gate after making sure the area is safe and ready to accept curious travelers once again.
Spilling some in-flight secrets
The masters of a craft are often the best people to ask for advice or secrets concerning it. This especially applies to people who work in the travel industry, learning so many hacks and tricks on the go. Getting advice straight from them wouldn’t just be beneficial, but is sure to hold some truth to them because they’ve been witnessed firsthand.
Filming Location Tour: Crazy Rich Asians
It’s rare to find a movie that solely focuses on Asian characters that play the culture card in a tasteful, not-overly-stereotyped kind of way. That’s why the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, filmed in Singapore, was one of the most awaited films of the year, especially by people who wanted the media to do justice for cultural diversity. But the all-Asian cast weren’t the only stars in this film. The filming locations themselves had such beauty and presence on the screen that you would agree they play such an essential in the immersive and exciting vibe the film wants to put out. Which of the amazing locales set your heart aflutter?
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