Hotel Feature: Vacation-ready Vitalis: Villas and White Sands

Enjoy your adventures in the calming north of Ilocos Sur by exploring the enjoyable attractions of Vitalis Villas, not just within, but outside of the resort as well.
Nearby is a little zoo where you can explore to see both local and exotic animals of the hoof kind. Alpacas, horses, zebras, bulls; it’s a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature with your family, especially young kids. You can feed some of the animals while also being able to ride the horses themselves.
Enjoy the gentle embrace of the seaside winds on the railings near the Santiago cove and enjoy a quick moment to collect yourself. From there you’ll be able to see our next focus: Vitalis White Sands.

Vitalis White Sands is a stunning North Philippine resort uniquely located in a natural cove in Santiago, Ilocos Sur. Situated perfectly in the shore with serene beauty facing the West Philippine Sea that makes our property a haven of relaxation and recreation. So we offer water activities such as jet ski, paddle boat, kayak, banana boat, and sunset cruise. We have our Macario bar and restaurant which offer Ilocano signature dishes and our version of boodle feast that can cater to families. We also accept corporate and social event. - Ella Garnace, Sales and Marketing Executive

Vitalis White Sands is just on the other side of its sister resort and is accessible five minutes away via a free shuttle service. It’s a place where people can enjoy some fun beach and water sports.
Once you’re done playing in the sun and sea, retreat back to the building to enjoy a tasty meal and replenish energy.

Traveling between both properties is so easy and allows you to enjoy both of their specialties. Whether You want to enjoy a pool lounge or splash in the ocean, the choice is all yours. Until next time, enjoy your travels.