Spotlight: Technological Advancement in Travel Industry

Indeed, there is no stopping technological advancement. It has revolutionized the way we live from the simplest to the most complicated of things and the world of travel is no exception as to how technology changed every person's travel experiences. Let's find out the different innovative ways that are making waves in the travel industry:
Artificial intelligence has long been in existence and there’s no stopping the growth and development of technology in the coming years. The tech advancement has reshaped the travel industry in many aspects which include 24/7 chatbots and actual robots in hotels and airports as well; all which deliver relevant information at a quicker response time.
While videos and photos do give viewers a perspective of their preferred destination, augmented reality and virtual reality are two completely different and revolutionary experiences. Augmented reality, enjoyed via tablets, phones, and other compatible devices, offers only an enhanced physical environment while virtual reality lets you immerse in physical or fantasy simulated environment with auditory, visual, and haptic feedback.
The transition to paper-free travel experience has contributed to a great level of convenience. Gone are the days when travelers had to present printed copies of flight itineraries at check-in counters in exchange for their printed boarding pass. Nowadays, travel apps have been designed to deliver seamless travel experience - from searching travel deals, booking transactions, and activities during travels like posting on social media, availing of exclusive privileges from booked airline and hotels, guidebooks, GPS maps, all in the palm of your hands! Paperless travel streamlines the airport experience and, of course, reduces paper clutter (trees are lovin’ this!).
The constant development of smartphones throughout the years has changed the lifestyle of people throughout the years. Nowadays, not only exploring places has become easy but interacting with locals of your destination has broken the boundaries that create a gap among cultures. No need to flip from page to page just to ask a local where you can find the nearest drugstore, a phone app or a multi-language voice translator device will do the trick for you in seconds. Spare yourself from getting ridiculous looks because of the language barrier, instead gain friends and experience cultural exchange without a fuss.
To travel means to expect the unexpected. Losing things while in transit has long been a problem faced by travelers. One of the technology trends to watch out for is the Internet of Things (IoT). In its simplest concept, IoT is connectivity among all forms - people-people, people-things, things-things through the internet. Any device with the feature of Internet on-off toggle key can and will be connected. Examples of companies in the travel and tourism industry tapping in the IoT is the Marriot Hotel in Maryland which aims to deliver a more personalized hotel experience for their guests through mobile and voice-enhanced technology and baggage handling through real-time radio frequency ID (RFID) tracking by Delta Airlines.
Wearable devices by hotels and theme parks such as Disney MagicBand, a wristband that helps deliver users’ a magical experience by collecting the user's data and simplifying purchasing and payment options and access.
Technology advancement is endless, thus lifestyle change will constantly knock at our doors. While there will always be pros and cons in adapting to change, we continue to keep in mind that the end goal is the benefits for both the humans and the world we live in. And as for the changes like these in the travel industry, we say keep ‘em coming!