Top Beverages of the World

Drinks are a big part of the foodie community. Sometimes, they complement the meal you’re having, enhancing the flavors further. Other times, they can just be drunk as is and people would still be satisfied. What kind of drinks are out there in the world? We explore the wonderful world of these flavorful fluids:

Yakult, Japan
Who doesn’t love a healthy dose of delicious probiotics? This sweet and tart dairy drink, first created in Japan, is still a great hit with its tiny size and easy to carry packaging. This drink is often enjoyed after a hot bath.
PiƱa Colada, Puerto Rico
One part tropical fruit, another part alcoholic fun. The Pina Colada is a mix of coconut milk, pineapple juice, and some good ol’ rum. Its sweet, fruity flavors with the bite of the liquor make for a good combo at parties.
Cider, England
Cider may be something you can find at your local grocery, but the all-natural farm-made stuff is definitely a different league. Usually drunk during the cold winter days, the small apple bits and cinnamon makes for a spicy little thirst quencher that’s all kinds of tasty.
Martini, United States
One of America’s classiest drinks, this cocktail is best poured into a tasteful glass and enjoyed at parties. This “adult drink” basically comprises of gin/vodka, dry vermouth, and an olive or a lemon twist as garnishing.
Champagne, France
No big celebration can be truly enjoyed without popping the cork on some bubbly champagne. This light and fizzy spirit is often prized as the “diamond of the drink world” and are often popped and squirted after big races or were broken on ships to christen them.
Lassi, India
This creamy drink was originally from Punjab. It is a frothy yogurt-based refreshment that can be salty or sweet depending on the ingredients used. Aside from salt and sugar, other things added include fruits and curd (for sweet) or spices like cumin or cardamon (for salty).
Tequila, Mexico
This spicy drink is often brought out at big parties to really help loosen people up. Made out of agave, this alcoholic drink will burn your throat and is often followed up with a chaser for good measure. Because agave isn’t easy to grow, making tequila can be a difficult business.
Thai Iced Tea, Thailand
This bright orange tea is one of Thailand's most iconic drinks and has been making its way around restaurants and tea businesses alike. The color and sweet coffee-like flavor come from black tea that is strongly brewed mixed with a few spices and some condensed milk.
Sangria, Spanish
A tasty drink that tastes amazing but doesn’t have to be too expensive. It is a sweet, carbonated wine punch that is often paired with slices of fruit to balance it out with sweetness. If sweet isn’t your thing, some people add some brandy to give it a spicy aftertaste.
Scotch Whisky, Scotland
This drink will definitely warm the body right up after a quick gulp. It is made of malted grain (like barley or rye) and is well enjoyed in pubs and bars across the world. One thing many whiskey enthusiasts agree on? The less ice in your cup, the better.
So what will you order the next time the subject of drinks comes up? Whether you enjoy a nice cup of alcoholic drink or you decide on a nice tea, there are so many diverse types of drinks you and your friends can enjoy together. Go out and explore the world of liquid refreshments!