Travel Treats: Pavlova, Australia/New Zealand

A dessert with such simple elegance that can fit between plain and extravagant tables. That’s one way to describe the fruity and sweet treat that is Pavlova. There is some debate as to where the origin of the dish came from, with some people claiming it to have been started in Australia while others say it was first discovered by the people of New Zealand. It is known for sure, however, that the dessert was named after famed Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova (who incidentally visited both countries in the 1920’s).
The dish itself is made of very simple ingredients. First, we have a nice base made out of egg whites (maybe sprinkled with a bit of salt), sugar, vinegar, another acid (lemon juice, etc.), cornflour, and maybe a little vanilla extract. This mix is slowly baked until it’s crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. Once that’s been taken care of, its further topped with delicious cream and a variety of colorful and flavorful fruits.
But local fruits aren’t the only thing you can top these mouthwatering sweets with. Try some mangoes or pineapple to give the dish a tropically sweet spin. Need to keep it fresh and cooling? Why not put a little mint on it? Or how about pistachios for that naturally salty balance to the saccharine taste? If you don’t feel guilty of over a little indulgence, you’re free to cover your dish with the works: Dark chocolate, cherry syrup, and maybe some coconut to really add on the temptation. Whatever your mood, you can customize this amazing food item to your personality and preferences.