Travel Treats: Top Sweets from Across The World

Sweets. You dig into them after a big meal. You eat them during your snack time. You sneak a bite before having your dinner. Not many people can resist the call of a delicious confection, especially since each country has their own special brand of deliciousness. These irresistible treats are some of the top desserts of countries around the world. Which ones have you tried out?
Halo-halo, Philippines
Like any good fiesta, the staple of Philippine desserts, Halo-halo, is as colorful as it is pleasing to eat. A mix of shaved ice, sweet beans, flan, ice cream (ube flavored), jelly, and so much more. Its cool and mixed flavors are a great treat to the warm island nation.
Banoffee Pie, England
Toffee has always been a sticky sweet that children can’t get enough of in England, but what if you could add another element to really change the taste? Adding the fruity flavors of banana and mixing them into a pie resulted in a treat that is quickly gaining worldwide recognition.
Gelato, Italy
Thicker than your typical ice cream, Italian gelato has been noted to be richer, thicker, and more flavorful compared to anything you can get from the grocery. The dessert is made with a higher amount of cream and is stirred a lot slower so no air gets trapped in (hence its thickness).
Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, Germany
Tart flavors mixed with chocolate sweetness is what this delicious sweet is made of. The name translates to “Black Forest Cake”, a very famous and luscious flavor of cake. The mix of the sour-sweet flavor of cherries and cherry syrup over the dark chocolate make for a delicious combo.
Crème Brûlée, France
This dessert is a staple in French sweets and is a great combination of crunchy at the top and soft at the bottom. A thick, creamy custard can be found at the bottom of a crisp layer of caramel, usually burned with a special blowtorch just before serving.
Dragon Beard Candy, China
This tasty white, sugary candy is still traditionally created by hand in the East. The art of spinning this tasty spool of sweets is considered an art. It’s made from sugar, syrup, peanuts, sesame seeds, and coconut. All of these are mixed then stretched until it dries into strands.
Apple Pie, U.S.
Nothing says “America” like the flaky crust and moist filling of a good ol’ apple pie. The apples are sliced thinly and cooked to soften them. These are then placed carefully into a dish and then secured with a criss-cross of thin crust. Top it with ice cream or whipped cream.
Lamington, Australia
Imagine a delicious sponge cake covered in luscious chocolate and coconut flakes. That’s what a Lamington, a mouthwatering Australian, dessert is. The dessert has many origins stories, from being a product of a clumsy maid to the result of a chef trying to dress up a regular cake.
Mochi, Japan
A squishy sweet that originates from the Land of the Rising Sun. This dish is made of glutinous rice that has been pounded into a sticky paste. It is pretty tasty by itself, but sometimes it will be wrapped around some ice cream or thick jams in order to give it a variety of flavors and colors.
Belgian Waffle, Belgium
Waffles are the biggest rivals for pancakes when it comes to breakfast foods, but in Belgium waffles are a big part of the local street food scene. These checkered treats are best served at a warm temperature and can be topped with confectioners sugar or even Nutella.
Make your life even sweeter by giving these taste bud tinglers a try. Some people travel the globe JUST to try authentic desserts in their country of origin. You owe it to yourself to try a tasty treat or two (or three, if you really dig it) while exploring the big, wide and amazing world out there.