Travel Treats: Vegemite, Australia

When you travel the world, you might find some interesting choices when it comes to food selection. Yam candies, fish gut oil, snake alcohol, sea urchin desserts, there are all kinds of strange yet delicious dishes out there. But in Australia, one special spread is often mentioned and is considered a big part of the culture.
If you’ve heard about “Vegemite” you might be aware of how it can be synonymous to Australia. It’s made out of yeast that’s being discarded by breweries and then mixed with a surprising combination of onions, celery, and a few spices. This turns into a malty, sticky, salty, slightly bitter brown spread that the people there have learned to love and appreciate.
But vegemite wasn’t always on top of the food game back in the day. It was often pitted against Marmite, another yeast-based spread from Britain. When it was first marketed in 1923, it received low sales numbers and was even renamed to 1928 to ‘Parwill’ to try to increase sales. With no success, they renamed the product back to its original moniker and decided to try selling it with the help of Kraft Foods. They made a campaign where bottles of Vegemite would be included with every cheese product purchased. This helped make it a hit and was even added to the rations for soldiers during World War II.
While it is a big hit in its native land, tourist and curious foodies often list it down as an acquired taste. Have you tasted Vegemite before? Did you enjoy it? Only time and taste will tell for the intrepid food lover.