6 Spooky Places Around the World

With Halloween just around the corner, people look forward to all kinds of fun activities: gorging on candy, wearing costumes, and looking for a good scare. While some people will have a scream at the local haunted house or spooky carnival ride, other horror-loving folks want to explore some of the creepiest venues and buildings known to man.
Whether you love being scared senseless or you’d rather avoid anything that goes bump in the night, you’d do well to keep these spooky sites in mind the next time you travel during the day of the dead:

The Catacombs- France
While France may be known for its art and architecture, not all building materials are fit to see the light of day. That’s why the Catacombs of Paris are, thankfully, underground. The walls are lined with the bones of more than a million people who died in the past. It was said the remains of the dead were transferred there after the diseased corpses were starting to spread sicknesses from the local cemetery. It definitely makes for a peculiar (and maybe even nightmarish) style of interior design that might spook even the bravest souls. You never know when those skulls might chatter and those bones may clatter as you walk by.

The Island of the Dolls- Mexico
Dolls are often depicted as sweet, adorable toys that mimic (or try to mimic) the human form. That’s probably why they’re so terrifying to look at when they’ve been rediscovered broken, ripped, or rotting in a damp basement. For people who have a phobia of creepy, old playthings, you’d best stay clear of this haunting isle. It’s most striking feature are the rotten, dirty shells of once-loved toys strung like sacrifices to some dark god for no discernible reason. They say that the dolls move around behind your back and whisper chilling stories to those foolish enough to stay for too long.

Aokigahara- Japan
Better known as the “Suicide Forest”, many people have ended their own lives in that chilling expanse of leaves and wood. As if the name wasn’t unnerving enough, people who visit Japan and go there may find signs and warnings that say “life is precious”. Because of the many deaths that were caused by negative emotions and actions, people have noted a high number of paranormal activity happening there. It gained recent fame after a certain Youtuber took a video and accidentally stumbled on a dead body hanging from a tree.

Overtoun Bridge- Scotland
Dog lovers may feel especially distressed at this structure, which has been known to be a jumping point for canines of all kinds. Because of its height, a good number of dogs who have hopped off the edge end up killing themselves on the spot. Those that somehow manage to survive are mysteriously compelled to return and jump off again. Nobody really knows what’s causing the pooches to jump to their doom from the bridge. But one thing is for certain: It’s scary to imagine your little puppy pal jumping from the edge and falling into an early grave. Be sure you’ve got Fido secure and safe when crossing this bridge to the doggy afterlife.

The Death Railway- Thailand
History can be a cruel thing to look back on. The bloody horrors of war. The betrayals and dark agendas of conquerors and kings. The massacres of massive groups of people. No monument is as aware of these atrocities as Thailand’s Death Railway. These train tracks were built on the literal blood, sweat, tears, and deaths of many prisoners of war during World War II. The Japanese forced them to build it while hungry and sleeping on lice-infected bamboo beds. Who knows what dark and vengeful spirits still wait along there.

Changi Beach- Singapore
You’d think a beach would be linked to fun things like getting a tan or playing beach volleyball, right? Well, this Singaporean beach is more of a getaway for ghouls and ghosts. This place was a grounds of massive executions of Chinese soldiers, who were often thought to be anti-Japanese. Don’t think you can just lounge around and enjoy the waves as there have been people who are said to have witnessed some creepy sights. Floating heads, headless bodies, screaming and crying, this place is definitely not the ideal vacation destination you may want.
People fear the unknown. It’s something that is naturally ingrained in us as a species that has helped us avoid dangerous situations. With so many dark mysteries and backstories to these places, it can be scary to think what might’ve happened back in the day. Did many people suffer there? What kind of otherworldly forces are at play? Is it worth exploring the fear factor of these haunted grounds? You’ll never know until you try.