Countries to Celebrate Halloween In

Who doesn’t like Halloween? Wearing costumes, snacking on sweets, enjoy adorable spookiness. It’s all scary fun! But who said you needed to spend it in just one place? There are all kinds of places out there in the world which have their own versions of the creepy season!
Why not travel and celebrate the Hallowed Eve somewhere new and exciting:

Mexico can be a fun place to visit during their own celebration of their deceased loved ones known as “Dia de Muertos” (or “Day of the Dead”). The graves of loved ones are decorated, snacks are made, and people rejoice for the ones that came before them. The skeletal motif for many of the art and masks people wear is to acknowledge that death is a natural part of life. It’s also a great way to make a celebration as spooky as it is colorful. It’s usually celebrated on November 2, a couple of days after Halloween.

While charming, London can also be a fun venue of chills and thrills! Being the home of the legendary killer Jack the Ripper, you’ll be able to visit some of his alleged haunts (pun intended). There are also tours where you can visit some famous graves and past murder sites to really put a tingle down your spine. There may even be events around big landmarks like the London Eye for you and your family to dress up for.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong has been called the “Halloween party capital of Asia”. While Halloween is not exactly celebrated in the country, there are often events that try to mimic the typical candy-giving, costume-wearing celebration. If you want a fun Halloween bash, there’s always the seasonal visit to Disneyland for creepy-cute fun with Mickey and friends.

If any place is well-known at celebrating the season of ghosts and ghouls, its America. It’s a typical practice there to wear costumes, attend parties with Halloween themes, and let kids go from door to door to collect chocolate and treats from neighbors and friends. But there are also some spooky places across the 50 states you can check out: Salem, Massachusetts, known for the witch hunts, New York’s Halloween parades, and much more.

The practice of Halloween actually originated here and was known as “Samhain Night”. It was supposed to mark the end of the harvest time, but it was also associated with the dead revisiting the mortal world. There’s even a carnival for 9 days straight in Derry City dedicated to the holiday. It’s got fireworks, parades, and more Hallow Eve fun!
There’s so much to see and explore in this fantastic world while we celebrate all things dark and spooky. Find the place you feel will make your Halloween fun even more spooky-exciting. Sometimes, you just need to get out of the familiar settings and find fresh new experiences to bring back the spark of your Halloween fun.