Cryptids from Across the World

Beasts like the dragon and the unicorn are stories of legend and myth, creatures of history that are often used in fairytales and fables. But in recent years, a new kind of creature, more strange, sinister or spooky: The cryptids. Many people claim they’re real, others think they’re just as superstitious as mermaids and fairies.
You never know one of these creatures might actually exist, hidden in a place unexplored by man. Here are some of the crazy cryptids found in lore and stories across the globe:

Thunderbird- USA
A giant bird that originates from Native American lore. They are said to be giant eagles that are able to carry creatures as large as whales to feed their young. Their wings were so huge that the act of beating them would produce loud booms of thunder. Lightning was said to flash from their eyes, and they would fly hidden among the clouds, making storms happen. Pioneers moving through the North American plains have had their share of tales about these creatures and it was even featured in the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”.

Beast of Dean- London
Also known as the moose-pig. It is said to be a Boar of abnormally large size (like a small car or even bigger), that is said to reside in the royal Forest of Dean, where it gets its name. Sightings were said to have begun in 1805, where trees and other foliage were snapped or brushed away forcefully. There were accounts that local hunters were said have captured and killed the beast, noting its unusual size and structure, but nobody knows if there is another hiding still in the forests.

Chupacabra- Puerto Rico
The spookiest creatures are often those nobody has seen but make their presence known. That was certainly the case for the blood-sucking beast that was popularly known as the Chupacabra. In its apparent wake, multiple goats and sheep had their throats cut open and their blood drained. Nobody has seen hide or hair of this creature, but there have been multiple speculations as to what it may be.

Giant Snake of Mt. Tsurugi- Japan
Regular snakes can be scary enough, but imagine a 10 meter (33 ft) giant snake with tracks that measure to 40 centimeters (16 in). That’s how big the giant serpent guarding this Japanese mountain was. A large jawbone measuring 34 centimeters (13 in) can be found in a local museum, but many are skeptical if it really is a snake jaw or a shark’s.

Amomongo- Philippines
This creature is a hairy, human-sized ape with long nails. This was a creature primarily feared in Negros Occidental, having ripped livestock apart to eat their entrails and even injuring two locals there. It is said to reside near the caves of Mt. Kanlaon. While it is unknown if the creature truly exists or not, superstition is still quite rampant in many parts of the country. This means the creature is still quite feared.
Whether they’re just tales to scare children or creatures that lurk, hidden from human eyes, we will never know. With all the beautiful wonderful sights you see across the globe, there are equally strange and peculiar creatures and legends laced into the culture. That’s just part of what makes our world such a beautiful and diverse place.