Fall Must-haves When Traveling

The fall season is coming. That means a change in weather, a change in temperature, and possibly a change in lifestyle as well. You might be trading in some items from your summer escapades for warmer and cozier items and outfits. That’s especially important when you’re out exploring the world (and many other places which could be a colder than home).
If you're wondering what to bring the next time you travel somewhere potentially frigid, we’ve got a list of things that’ll keep you warm in the chilly outdoors and even indoors:
Outerwear (coats/jackets)
One of the most important layers you need to put on when planning to go outside. A good jacket or coat to have on the outside should be a little thick and preferably waterproof, especially when the area is prone freezing winds and light rain showers.
Long sleeves
The days of short sleeves and tank tops are long gone and in comes the season of keeping your arms covered. Leaving the skin exposed to the elements is not a great idea for the shift between warm and cold seasons, so a wooly long sleeved shirt or top can really help.
Plain dark colors
Days might get colder and shorter with the transition to winter, so you’ll need to absorb every little bit of warmth and sun available as we reach the end of the year. Darker clothes will optimize your absorption of the limited sunlight and thus increase your probability of coziness.
Light knitwear
Knitwear is a great for layering and keeping the body heat trapped so you won’t feel like you’re exposed to the elements. Depending on the thickness, you can wear multiples of these items under a jacket.
Much like long sleeved tops, it isn’t wise to expose a lot of skin on your legs either. It’s definitely time to put those shorts and ankle exposing pants to the back of your closet. Find material that is thick, comfy, and doesn’t feel like it will let the cold wind blow through the material
Thermal wear
Probably the most important thing to pack with you, especially in the later portion of the month when the weather is at the cusp of winter. This is especially important for underwear and undershirts since they’re the closest to the body.
Thick socks are a foot’s best friend, especially since they’re the closest to the cold ground with just a wall of shoe wear to shield it. Socks are a great way to fill the small spaces between your foot and the shoe, eliminating any potential space the chilling air could slip into.
Thick, dependable, and high-cut, it's almost like boots were made for traversing in the transitioning season. With that extra bit of covering over the ankle, the risk of cold air seeping in is further dampened and works quite well with the aforementioned socks.
Comfortable walking shoes (sneakers)
If boots aren’t in your arsenal of autumn wear, some thick and sturdy shoes with a little bit of padding can really cushion your feel and help eliminate the tiny space where air can seep in and make for a comfy fit with the right kind of socks.
A combo of a warming scarf and a woolly hat or beanie cover the last parts that are in danger of getting too cold with this chilly season transition. The neck, ears and head are especially susceptible to the cold breezes and winds, so cover them up nicely.
Got all that? It pays to be prepared, especially when it comes to the right kind of get-up when on the go and when the changing of the season is just around the corner. So if you’re planning to travel soon, keep cozy and bundle up in a way that’s appropriate to the temperature you’ll be experiencing