Global News: Boracay Reopening, Swiss Views by Rail, and more!

Boracay Reopens for Test Run
Last Monday, October 15, Boracay has once again opened its doors. Take a peek at the latest changes in the island from the test run, which welcomed locals - a small number of residents, business owners, and tourists, at the rehabilitated island. The event will run for 11 days until the official reopening on the 26th.
World Destinations to Visit
The end of the year is just around the corner, fellow travelers! How’s your bucket list doing? Have you accomplished more than you expected for your travel goals? In case you’re down for more adventures before officially shuffling your list for the coming new year, here are a few more recommended destinations based on the rankings by Mastercard’s 2018 Global Destination Cities Index.
When to Travel during the Holiday Season
The Holiday Season is fast approaching and the best way to enjoy it is by planning early! Whether or not your work schedule will permit you to leave early, especially if you’re driving or flying back home, here’s how you can handle the hustle and enjoy holiday travels.
Swiss Views on Rail
Undoubtedly, Switzerland has many of the world’s most breathtaking natural views. But did you also know that this destination also offers scenic journeys by rail? If you’re both a traveler and a rail buff, this is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds. Get a break from walking or rolling tours and sit back, relax, and marvel at the different globally-renowned wonders this country offers through the variety of routes you can choose.
Discover The Russian Charm
Though Russia may not be the first country travelers would think to put on top of their travel list, it’s second-biggest capital, St. Petersburg, has that inviting charm that will surely sweep you off your feet. The 315-year old city is rich in history and architectural culture while also having a delightful food scene. If you’re looking to experienced a place which you wouldn’t expect to steal your heart, St. Petersburg is a great candidate for the job.