Global News: Fall Travels, Foodie's Bucket List, and more!

October Fallin’
The prettiest, most colorful season has finally arrived! Whether you’re in it for the picturesque foliage, the last days of the glorious summer sun, fall journeys, in season food travels, spooky vibes, or fascinating seasonal celebrations, there’s always something about this season that will have you packing your bags for an adventure.
Foodie-worthy Travels
They say “travel is love while food is life”. Food is one of the best ways to get to know your destination as it is the window to the culture of a country. What better way to enjoy a place than through its food scene? Whether you are visiting a new place or returning to an old one, there are always new things to try, especially when getting a taste of a local delicacy. Up your game in travels with a foodie bucket list on the side!
Ranking of Most Visited Cities: A Look Back 5 Years Ago
Discover the changes that took place during the last five years and how close the competition is among the world’s top destinations. Find out the major draws and drawbacks that contribute to such change in the rankings of these most visited cities.
Jam-packed Aklan Job Fair
Last October 15, the Philippines’ beach capital, Boracay, once again welcomed its local visitors for a dry run. With the upcoming official reopening of the world-renowned beach destination, the government took its efforts up a notch not only in delivering a renewed and better island experience but also providing better opportunities for its locals through a job fair held in Aklan. Find out how hopeful local applicants took this opportunity to play a part in the continuous development of the island and its local economy.
Improving Travels for Pets on Plane
Atlanta-based carrier Delta Air Lines is now working with a pet travel pod startup, CarePod, to provide travelers and their pets safe, secure, and convenient travels. With the increasing demand for shipping animal companions has grown, the long-term partnership can be seen as a way to enhance both the airline service and a way to transform the pet travel experience.