Global News: Greece Travel Tips, What to Pack for Travels, and more!

Greece 101: What To Do
Ah, Greece… Stunning. Exciting. Confusing? Only when you don’t have a proper guide, it is. It takes a little bit of effort and the right guide to make any travel destination easier and faster to navigate. Fun little notes and easy to read instructions are a definite must when it comes to material that will help you explore and discover the most of the Greek isles.
Travel Packing Tips
Packing for a travel trip can be tricky, especially when you only have limited space to pack everything you need to bring with you. But as travel pros found out, some items are truly essential or convenient to take with you on your future adventures. See what these adventuring experts have to say when it comes to your luggage items.
Traveling with Kids: Food Tips
Food can be a touchy subject for kids who are often picky and particular about the kinds of flavors they’d like to taste. There are some solutions to help both parties benefit when it comes to travel meals. Planning ahead with the opinions of your family members in mind can really help make picking foreign meals easier.
World's longest sea-spanning bridge open
Bridges help bring two different worlds together and that’s just what the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge was built to do. After 9 years of construction for an astounding price of $20 billion, the bridge is finally ready for use. It has been named the world's longest sea-faring bridge and stretched out to an impressive 55 kilometers in total.
Travel Photography Goals
Everybody who travels fancies themselves as proper photographers. Collecting memory after memory through the years, travelers across the world have created some of the most iconic pictures out there. Time and time again, these shots have often been replicated as closely to the source material as possible and have probably become well known to adventurers everywhere who have a little shutterbug inside of them.