Global News: Visiting Vietnam, Savvy Traveler Tips, and more!

Journeying Vietnam
Vietnam, a tranquil Asian country with its own brand of unique culture, food, and destinations for travelers to enjoy. While it may be a great destination to explore on your next vacation, the date and season of your adventure needs to be carefully planned so you can optimize your journeys to the fullest.
Take Your Travel Skills up A Notch
Much like any skill in life, learning ways of the traveler takes time, patience, and a bit of trial and error. It’s not just something you get used to right away and takes a bit of knowledge and know-how to get good at. Luckily, in this age of technology, it’s easy to give out and read up on great adventuring advice online.
Travel Technology Transformation
Whether you’re old or young, you can’t help but notice the increase in the usage of digital mediums and devices in this day and age. They’ve definitely made many things in life easier and more accessible for a range of people, and that’s what passengers are looking for in the airports of the future.
Saving Phuket
With Boracay, Philippines and Maya Bay, Thailand closing down for renovation and renewal, it seems Phuket will be next on the list of this beach-side cleanse. With big numbers comes bigger responsibility, as increased tourism over the years has also allowed uncaring tourists to litter on the beach and slowly destroy the delicate ecosystem. With plans to clean up their act, here’s hoping future travelers will be a lot more concerned and local officials more strict when it comes to garbage disposal rules.
Why Solo Travels are on the Rise
In the past, travels have always been more of a group thing. It would feel lonely or scary to travel on your own back in the days when communication was still quite primitive and the modes of flight weren’t as advanced and convenient as they are today. But with the shift in trends and a braver, more modern world around us, there are more great reasons for you to fly on your own than you think.