Global News: Welcoming Boracay, 2019 Bucket List, and more!

Welcoming Boracay
If you haven’t been following the news, Boracay will be re-opening on Oct. 26, 2018. After claims of resorts being built in illegal areas and the massive amounts of tourist pollution surfaced, the government knew it was time to close the gates and rebuild this juggernaut of a summer destination. Avid beach-goers who know about Boracay’s once-pristine white sand beaches and amazing, blue waters are excited to explore the shores once again. Before you pack your own bags, it pays to read up on the new rules that’ll help keep Boracay cleaner and greener.
Bucket List 2019
Looking for exciting new countries to add to your list of places to venture to? With 2018 coming to an end it’s time to refresh your list for the shiny new year that's just up ahead! Travel trends change, so if you wanna be up to date on what is predicted to be the hottest destinations for 2019, you’d better do your research.
Booking Travels
Waiting for the perfect time to book your winter wonderland adventures? Well, don’t wait too long because airfare prediction app Hopper notes that October 21 to late into the month is the optimal time to book those trips! Once November has begun, prices will just continue climbing and climbing as the travel season for the holidays begins to get closer and closer to December.
Strut Your Travel Sneaks
Are you a shoe lover? Want to keep the freshly-bought quality there until you finally decide to wear them? Travel experts say that could be a potentially bad idea. Breaking in your shoes before using them for travel should definitely be a priority after your shopping trips. Wearing new shoes straight from the box during your adventures may end up harming or even injuring your feet during your journeys, so make sure to break them in nice and good so you can enjoy a stylish pair of shoes in comfort.
Top Travel Picks for 2019
It can be hard to find the perfect travel destination, so people often look for inspirations to form their own ideas of where to go and what to do. Looking through the internet is a great way to learn about new places and plan your own fun little itinerary for the coming year!
Hong Kong Must-see: Disneyland
Disneyland has always been known as a land of magic and wonder, especially for young children and lifelong Disney lovers. With only a select few branches across the world, it can be fun to see the differences culture and location can do for a theme park franchise. Hong Kong has its own Disneyland and its got its own set of features, rides, and shows that keep it apart from the American branches. Make note of what you can discover and find before taking a trip!