Haunted Places in the Philippines

There are so many spooky and places in different countries around the world. As such, the capital of the Philippines, Manila, has its own share of scary places that may not be advisable to scaredy cats and the faint of heart. If you want to get a few thrills and chills for the Halloween season, you might wanna visit these creep-inducing places while there:
Manila City Hall
What’s more creepy than having a city hall that looks like a box used to hold the dead? When viewed from above, the Manila City Hall has an odd shape of a coffin. The building was built in around 1904 but has been demolished and rebuilt a couple of times. Some people say that the building has its shares of spooky citizens floating around at around 6 pm.
MalacaƱang Palace
This palace of presidency has had its fair share of spooky sightings, mostly of former presidents like Manuel Quezon and Manuel Roxas. There’s also a century-old balete tree around the area that is said to have a kapre, a mythical hairy giant that smokes tobacco, hanging around.
Manila Film Center
A tragedy is often the story that leads to a building to become haunted. This building’s construction was rushed so that it would be able to open for the Manila International Film Festival in 1982. This would prove fatal for many as the quickened work pace left the foundations weak, resulting in some innocent workers being trapped under pounds of wet concrete. The construction went through, however, and many people claim to have felt a presence on the opening night.
Clark Air Base Hospital
This place has been called “one of the most haunted places in the world”. It was even featured in a segment for National Geographic for that very reason. It used to be a hospital for soldiers during World War II. They would seek shelter there while treating their wounds. Who knows how many people died while hiding there.
Fort Santiago
You can find this structure in Intramuros. It is best known as the place where Jose Rizal was incarcerated before he was shot to death. Not only was a national hero kept there, but many deaths and tortures happened within. All that negative energy must’ve stuck for a while since there are accounts of ghosts within the area.
Even in an urbanized place like like this, haunted buildings and venues can still litter the area. All it takes is a hauntingly dark background and history to build up spiritual energy in an area. With some dark moments in time (such as the occupations during World War II), even an island escape like this can have its share of supernatural occurrences for people who are fans of these spine-chilling attractions.