Journeys Made Easy: Mixing up Money Placement

Money is a very important factor when it comes to travels. You could say it's the lifeblood of any adventure, used to pay for transport, food, and accommodations. But keeping money on you while on the go can be a very difficult task, especially when thieves and snatchers can swipe it off of you without you knowing. Keeping all of your travel funds in one place can open up the danger of you losing valuable funds in an instant. But there’s a simple, inexpensive way you can make sure you’re travel fund total won’t go all the way down the drain if some skeevy character manages to get lucky and pick it off you.
The answer is simple: keep money in different places when traveling or touring about. When keeping money in your bag and the hotel room doesn’t have a safe, separate your fund total into quarters and keep them into different places. Keep one quarter in your luggage, another in an item of clothing (like shoes, socks, or hoodie pockets), the other in a smaller bag or pouch, and the last portion in another container or pocket of your choice. Dividing your funds into 4 parts ensures that in the event you are stolen from, not all of your money is taken away.
You should also try to do the same when it comes to taking walks or tours. Don’t leave all of your money in your bag and hide them in different places on you. Instead of separating them equally, however, divide it between you one large stash and 3 smaller emergency stashes. The main point of this set up is that you have a large portion of your money you can easily reach for, but have small extras in the event that you misplace your main stash. Keep your emergency stashes in places people won’t think of getting at. Put them in your shoes, in your fanny packs, in your back pockets, and any other place you can think of.
Keeping our money safe ensures that we can continue our journeys without any trouble later on. Love may make the world go round, but money can keep you and your travels moving without the worry of going hungry or having no roof above your head. In a way, your money is one of your most dependable travel partners, so look after them any way you can.