Mango Tours, Featured on Positively Filipino

Juan “Jappy” Francisco III and his father Johnny Francisco (Photo courtesy of Mango Tours)
     Have you tried a Mango Scoop? Not the luscious fruit the best of which is grown in the Philippines, or the ice cream that is a fave flavor of Filipinos. Mango Scoop is what arrives in your email inbox about 3 times a week if you’re a friend, a customer, or just a watcher of bargain flights to the Philippines, Asia, and some European destinations. Mango Scoop is the attractive e-newsletter of Mango Tours, the latest of which (September 28 issue) lures you with tour packages to Thailand, a promo fare of $597 to the Philippines, and such interesting reads as hard-to-kill houseplants for frequent travelers, and technological advances in the travel industry. To interact with readers, the site asks you to share your travel stories on social media #MangoToursTakesYouThere.