October: Festivities Around the World

The month of October is a time of transitions when the warmth of spring changes to the frost of winter. But even with the change to lower temperature, the month is not without its collection of exciting seasonal activities and celebrations. Let’s scour the world for these fun activities you can attend in this month of colorful leaves and spooky specters.
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta- United States
Spectators and pilots alike come every fall to enjoy the world’s largest hot air ballooning event in the world. Set in the first week of October for a full 9 days, balloons numbering a hundred or more can be witnessed floating around in the soft morning light of dawn.
Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead - Mexico
Across the world, people lovingly keep the memories of those who came before them to heart. But in Mexico, it's not just about remembering the dead but also about celebrating them as well. From colorful sugar skulls to mausoleum decorations, it’s almost as if the living are throwing a welcome home party for the departed souls, which is essentially what the festival is about.
Oktoberfest - Germany
Get into a good mood with this 16-day celebration of drinking and eating and enjoy yourself to the fullest! Large quantities of beer are often served to the celebrants of this fest so you can expect people losing their inhibitions and having a little more fun than they usually would. There are also fun activities for families to explore together like rides, games, stalls, and more.
Diwali - India
This is one of India’s biggest and most important of celebrations for the year. The name comes from the combinations of the word “rows” (Avali) and “clay lamp” (Deepa). The reason for these lights placed outside of houses and establishments is to symbolize the inner light inside of everybody keeping the spiritual darkness at bay.
Masskara Festival - Philippines
Masks are items of mystery and confusion, hiding the face of the person behind them to give off a puzzling air. But in this Philippine fiesta, they use masks to share fun, color, and excitement. This celebration was born for the purpose of making people happy after the tragic losses of the 700 lives in the 1980 MV Don Juan maritime tragedy.
Loi Krathong - Thailand and Laos
Lots of different festivals float items down rivers which symbolize something important to the culture and its people: rubber ducks, small boats, and lanterns. But in Thailand and Laos, people let “boats” made of plant material (like a banana trunk) or bread float across the river, decorated with woven banana leaves. They make a wish as they launch the vessel.
So don’t just settle for a fun Halloween adventure or a tasty Thanksgiving dinner this fall season! Find your own amazing journey out in the world where fantastic festivals await for you to discover and enjoy.