On Spotlight: Single-Parent Travels Increasing

In the travel industry, there are a variety of different promos for different types of adventuring groups: solo travels, travel pairs, backpacking groups, group tours, and full family packages. But one group that can be overlooked? Single-parent families. It can be kind of sad how there are no special promos or discounts available for the non-nuclear family of today… until recently.
The trend of special travel promos for single-parent families is on the rise for the year. By definition, a “single parent family” is a family setting where a solo parent, either divorced, widowed, or unmarried, is an appointed guardian for children under 18 years old. Info from some recent studies in Canada has collected data that says as many as 19.2% of households with children are listed under this format. Meanwhile, in the UK, an estimated 2 million lone-parent families were identified living in the country.
Because of these numbers, it's made apparent to travel companies and airlines that there are many different types of families out there. The number of parents doesn’t have a say whether you’re a complete family or not. Many airlines must’ve realized this preferential treatment on specific a family number of family members and their exclusivity. That’s why special promos for single parents and their families are starting to appear here and there.
These promos will help non-nuclear families to enjoy great deals on travels together. This means that families of different sizes and types can travel on packages with great deals when it comes to accommodation and airfare. So look out for any great single-parent family travel packages that might be available on your local travel agency or website the next time you want a great adventure with the people you love.