Solo Travel Mistakes to Avoid

You may notice that solo travels are becoming even more of a trend for the year 2018. Lots of tips on how to be the best solo traveler you can be are appearing on countless blogs, websites, and travel hack posts across the web.
But one aspect of solo travels is often overlooked by the excited masses: the mistakes and mishaps that might happen along the way! We give you a list of some of the more important things to avoid as you journey on your own.
Forgetting travel insurance
Never forget that traveling alone can make you feel liberated. When you feel liberated, you tend to get gutsy. And when you get gutsy, there’s a chance you take risks that may end up a lot less ideal compared to your typical self-discovery-vacation movie plot. Always let a trusted travel insurance company have your back.
Overplanning the itinerary
Like in the previous entry says, being on your own can make you feel like nothing is holding you back. You think “Now I can go to ALL of the places the travel guide is telling me to go! No parents to tell me no, no siblings to slow me down, and no partner to limit my options.” Overstuffing your schedule can be a bad idea and the stress of trying to stick to an elaborate list of destinations can really ruin a great adventure.
Always booking hostels
Hostels may seem like a convenient and cheap way to get a roof over your head while out on a one-person wander fest, but opting to stay in one every day for your trip can really get under your skin. It’s okay to stay in one to meet up with other like-minded travelers and backpackers, but the joy and privacy of traditional lodgings are a blessing and an indulgence you owe to yourself.
Never going off course
The freedom of being able to change your itinerary on the fly is just one of the perks to going on a journey all by yourself. There’s no one to nag you about keeping on track or rush you when a scheduled visit is a little late than usual. With all that power, feel free to mix up the order of your trip or replace one tourist hotspot with another!
Frequenting the bar
Much like the sober friend who will be driving all their drinking buddies back home, you’ll need to lay off the alcohol to avoid any drunken mishaps you might get yourself into. Getting intoxicated overseas can easily become a nightmare you’ll be waking up to the next day (with a killer hangover to boot). Some unsavory characters may be waiting outside bars and taverns, looking for the potential tourists who get smashed and come out of the building an easy target.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. It definitely pays to be aware of all the mistakes you could potentially trigger during a solo journey so you can be smart and avoid them. Knowing spills and trips littering your way is a good thing for any traveler to learn.