Traditional Activities of Autumn

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics. Even in an age of modernization, people often look back to years past to explore re-invented trends, inspirations for music, and more. But some things never go out of style, and these autumn activities can still be enjoyed whether you’re young or old.
Let’s look into these fun games and pastimes you might wanna try out while the fall season still lingers in the air:
Apple and pumpkin picking
Probably the most-sought after activity once the fall season starts to roll in. The beautiful reds and oranges of the ripened fruits and vegetables are what farm-goers are looking for. Nothing beats going out into the open air and picking out the firmest and most vibrant fruits you and the family can enjoy. You may expect your social media feed having a few rich autumn colors on it once you’ve taken a few fall-tastic photos for 2018.
Corn mazes
Countryside farms are some of the most popular places people frequent during the fall, with fresh harvest and fun activities available for checking out. Whether you’re out for a trendy social media scoop or genuinely love your fresh produce, there are tons of things to look out for. With grasses and crops at their peak height, farmers love to have guests traverse the walls of the handmade corn mazes they cut out once the harvest is over. You’ll be lost in both the tall grasses and the giggles that come with labyrinth navigation.
Apple bobbing
So you’ve picked yourself a delicious bushel of the tastiest, crunchiest, prettiest apples you could find. They may look nice and juicy, but you may not know how to bake them into a pie or be able to eat all of them before they start losing their luster. With so many juicy red morsels to use in food or simply snack on, you could play this fun little Halloween game instead. Simply have a tub of water, some perfectly delicious apples and a set of healthy chompers. It’s both hilarious and fun seeing who can win an apple with a single bite.
Leaf pile jumping
People who live near a bunch of trees may see raking the leaves as a big chore but there can be a fun, creative side to it too. People can pick leaves to use in crafts, take photos of colorful arrangements, use them as props for your holiday photos, and more. But nothing beats the fun of gathering your friends, piling up the leaves together and just jumping into a crunchy mound of autumn goodness. Always make sure to pile your leaves in a safe place and maybe take a video so you can reminisce of the fun-tastic autumn jumping you all had.
Hayrides galore
Another byproduct of the harvest season are stacks of gleaned stems and fibers that make up hay. What do people do with hay? Aside from feeding it to the livestock, farmers and even regular families can pile it up on a cart or the back of a pickup and go on a joyride with the sweet air of the countryside and hay to cushion the bumps along the road. Make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to fibers or you don’t have any allergies to certain stalks of dry hay before participating so you can enjoy your ride safely.
Traditional doesn’t have to mean “old” or “outdated”. Traditional can mean “tried and tested” or “retro”. Don’t knock something down just because it’s from the past and give it a go instead. Some of the fantastic trends and activities we have today were probably created from or an evolution of a traditional method or activity! Sometimes it's fun to bring back the past so a new generation in the future can enjoy it as well.