Travel Treats: Bibimbap, South Korea

A meal is often a mix of many different meals, bread, vegetables, meat, and more. Served one by one, they often fill up a table where different individuals grab whatever they can, sometimes getting too much while at other times getting too little.
But what if there was a whole meal made with all of those things in one, handy bowl/ That may have been the idea between the Korean dish Bibimbap. It’s a whole bowl with a mix of all different kinds of veggies, contained in many different bowl types.
One version that is cooked in a stone bowl is called “Dolsot”, and is enjoyed because of how the rice closest to the bottom becomes crunchy with a different type of texture. In the city of Jeonju, a special version of bibimbap is cooked in a beef broth and have many different ingredients, including ginkgo nuts, tartar steak and more. This means that there are so many different combinations and styles to prepping these bowl dishes, and no single way is truly “correct”.
So if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, why not order a tasty bowl of authentic bibimbap so you can mix up your own bowl of deliciousness!