Travel Treats: Candy Corn, USA

Celebrated on October 30th, the National Confectioners Association recognizes the date as National Candy Corn Day. But what is this three-toned treat? Let’s dive into the history and creation process of this traditional Halloween treat!
Records say that the corn-like treat was first created by the Wunderlee Candy Company as early as the 1880’s. It was invented specifically by an employee by the name of George Renninger. Soon after its popularity began to gain traction, other companies began producing the product themselves. These companies included the Goelitz Candy Company who are nowadays known as the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Back in the day, they were made entirely by hand but as the winds of modernization began blowing through, machines started doing all the work.
The candy itself is comprised of corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, and fondant. This mixture is originally white, but yellow and orange coloring are added to give it that iconic and festive coloring. Then they are assembled layer by layer, starting with the white tip, then the orange base, and finally, the yellow finish to cap it off. Once they’re set, it is cooled and then polished to really give them that desirable shine.
Because of their color and their symbolism to the autumn harvest, these sweet treats are a staple to any Halloween candy horde and are sold in bulk during the festival of spooks and ghouls.