Beach Destinations for December

Sometimes, the winter time can really kill your mood to enjoy the outdoors. Even the indoors can be a little inconvenient to some folk, especially if they’re sensitive to the cold. One big option is to leave the frost and chill behind and opt for a sunnier, more tropical destination where the frigid blanket of snow hasn’t covered and soft, warm sand does instead.
Here are some fantastic countries that are pretty warm near the end of the year:
Boracay, Philippines
New and improved, the beautiful island of Boracay is a great place to check out. This is an especially good time for you to visit because it has just newly reopened its gate to the masses after a rehabilitation period to make it cleaner and greener than ever. There may be a few new rules put in place to keep the peace, but one of the world's best islands is still a fun and growing destination open to all.
Bondi Beach, Australia
The Christmas month in Australia is very much the opposite of the usual weather everywhere else: scorching hot and sandy. You might find Santa hats and boots all over the place, but you may also see bronzed beach bods and tiny swimsuits and trunks to go along with the sand and sea at Bondi Beach. Spend your holidays at this popular beach!
Phuket, Thailand
If there’s one thing the island of Phuket is known for, its the relaxing beach settings around its shores. This southeast Asian Island has everything you might need from a vacation destination: white sand, cool waters, and a nice warm sun that will warm the winter right off of you. This Thailand destination is definitely one to be enjoyed to the fullest, so plan accordingly!
Bali, Indonesia
This destination is often one of the top selected tropical destinations in Asia and is a place filled with prime opportunities for tourists of all walks of life. It’s both a prime surfing destination while also a great place to discover the local animal scene (provided it’s in a protected environment and not illegal). Take the chance to explore and experience this gem of an island.
All these fantastic beaches are unique and beautiful in their own ways and are all great candidates for your selected summer in the winter. Sunny for a good chunk of the year, they’ll make some of the best places to enjoy your time off and make memories that will last you a lifetime.