Ber-months in the Philippines

The rainy season has finally bid the archipelago goodbye! So what’s there to look forward in the Philippines this fourth and last quarter? It’s more than just the commercial gift-giving and food festivities:
Amihan season “cooler months” begin (November-February)
The shift from wet or rainy season to the amihan season, or we as fondly call “bed weather” as we all call it is among the many exciting things Filipinos look forward. While it doesn’t snow or grow chilly in this tropical archipelago, the longer and cooler nights of the ber-months already bring joy to this warm country.
Christmas countdown begins
The holiday season in the Philippines is the longest in the world. As early as September, you start to hear Christmas melodies in malls and public transits. Little by little seasonal displays of decorative lights, colorful ornaments marked by the festive traditional lantern, commonly known as parol, and towering holiday trees, and vibrant night markets bring life to the night. Not to mention the aroma of freshly baked puto bumbong, bibingka, and roasted aroma of chestnuts fill the air, mark the beginning of the longest holiday in the world.
Travels and reunions
Sure, the glorious summertime - fascinating beaches, warm sand, and cool waters, is the country’s major draw but the inviting climate makes traveling more bearable and fun. Enjoy lush greeneries when traveling during the months of June to September/October which brings rains and few storms, however, the months of November to February lets you experience a cooler, more pleasant atmosphere especially in the highlands. Top that with seasonal treats and a less lively crowd (just before the holidays are in full swing).
Discounts and sales everywhere
No Black Friday Sale? Not a problem! Having A LOT of shopping malls and flea markets would mean tight competition. Mall sales and discounts happen almost every month in the Philippines. Apart from that, with Christmas night markets - big or small, popping up everywhere, it’s safe to say that ber months are also retail therapy season.
Food and parties
As the holiday season nears, gatherings - whether it’s post-work dinner, Sunday brunches, or weekend food trips, become a usual occasion. Food is an integral part of the Philippine culture, and it’s among the wonderful things that bring families and friends together, especially in a country of high religious and cultural scene.
Flight promos and other travel deals
There are two things about long weekends and/or holidays - either stay in or go out. And if you live in a country made up of 7,641 islands, it’s these days or season that make staycation or exploring more inviting. Nevertheless, holiday sales also mean awesome deals on travel, discounted hotel accommodations, and irresistible promo fares!