Dealing with The Holidaze Like A Pro

The holidays may seem like fun and cheer, but behind the scenes, there may be chaos and haggard feelings. Decorating the house, cooking up the holiday meals, and planning a holiday party just right takes a lot of effort and doesn’t just happen all by itself. If you focus on holiday preparations too much, you might find yourself burned out before long (especially if all you want to do is relax after a long work year). Here are some ways you can avoid the headaches of holiday preparation while still getting things done:
Have a plan
All important events need structure if you want them to go smoothly. Mapping out an attack plan and tackling big jobs by segments will definitely make everything flow smoothly. Making a big family dinner? Assign somebody to do the groceries while everybody else prepares the table or preps the food readily available at the moment. Not everybody can be a master planner, but it always pays to count your steps.
Mark some break days
With parties, house decorating, and family traditions to squeeze into your often limited vacation time, you might find yourself more stressed than relaxed during your supposed “holiday”. But there isn’t a law that says you have to attend EVERY event or house decoration. Explain to your family members and friends that you want to rest off the fatigue from work and give yourself a day or two just for yourself. You know you deserve it.
Holiday simplification
There’s also no law that says that holiday preparations have to be over-the-top and complicated foods or decor. Keep everything low-key and simple. You don’t have to push yourself to make foods that take a lot of times to prepare or too many dishes that you and your family will probably leave as leftovers for the day after. For decorating, a Christmas tree and a few stockings or tinsel streamers are all you need to show off your effortless yet seasonal interior skills.
Ample snoozing
It’s Christmas break. No school. No work. No responsibilities. After you do your decorating for the vacation season, you might be tempted to spend all night watching movies, browsing your internet, or indulging in your hobbies. Don’t do that. While it may not seem like it sometimes, your body might still be lacking the ample rest it needs even while you’re still on vacation. Keep to your regular sleep schedule (or sleep earlier if you stay up even during a work week). You’ll feel a whole lot better during AND after the holidays.
Keep a healthy diet
Another temptation you might not be avoiding for the season is the mounds of delicious holiday food that you stuff yourself silly with. It’s not like you eat such delicious and rich foods all the time, right? That’s exactly the reason why you shouldn’t indulge too much on such dishes. Don’t overdo with the eating. The reason why you often find yourself tired or sluggish a lot of the time (during and after the holidays) could be linked to the food you eat. Be aware of how much you eat and pace yourself. Your body will definitely thank you for it.
And that’s just some of the ways you can avoid burning out during the last few months of the year. It might be surprising how busy we get during the time we’re supposed to be off work, but with a little mindfulness and a bit of self-care, you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way till the next year.