Global News: November Destinations, Fitness Travels on the Rise, and more!

The Romanov Legacy
The Russian Tsar was a subject of both romantic fantasy and great tragedy. In his heyday, Nicholas II, the last of Russia’s royal line, was a man of great extravagance, from diamond-encrusted eggs to extremely long robes trimmed with animal fur. The reign of Russia’s monarchy truly ended in bloodshed, however, after Nicholas and his entire family were cruelly executed. But even with their deaths, the Romanov’s and the royal line still live on in spirit with the multitude of historic landmarks and displays that illustrate their lives even after their demise.
November Destinations
Look forward to a new kind of pre-holiday adventure this year! Whether you’re down for an early winter wonderland getaway, the best of both worlds on a cruise, or a rediscovery of your favorite destination, these recommended destinations could just take your November travels up a notch. Fantastic activities and the most diverse types of environments you can enjoy.
Fitness Travels on the Rise
One of the biggest new-age trends in the last few years has been a focus on fitness. From yoga classes to gym memberships, getting healthy by working your body is even more popular than ever before. But it isn’t just your local gym that’s taking this trend into account as business travels can be a great excuse to get fit as well. Some travel companies specifically scope out some of the classiest hotels with the best gyms and programs to help health buffs keep up with their routine, even if they aren’t in familiar territory. That way, travelers can still keep up with their regiment even if they can’t head to their local gym.
Europe’s Charming Christmas Markets
Sure, your town’s Christmas decorations - twinkling lights, freshly-cut pine trees, and colorful ornaments, warms the heart. But setting foot in some of Europe’s most festive markets is both retail therapy and an exciting cultural immersion. Shop til you drop for local handiwork and treat those taste buds to a smorgasbord of seasonal treats. If not, sitting on a bench with while drinking hot chocolate and taking in all the festivity is more than enough.
Animal Cruelty Attractions, Serious Problem in the Travel Industry
Some people call it their next big travel photo opportunity. Others see it as animal abuse. You might think animal shows and tiger photoshoots are innocent in their design, but even the best intentions can become unknowingly bad. Behind the adorable scenes, these exotic animals are often kept in less than sanitary and comfortable conditions. While this may seem like it has minor consequences, one can never know how dire the situation is for the animal and its brethren. For all we know, it could be a creature whose entire species is on the verge of being completely wiped out and may need protection.
Foreign Tourists’ Travel Pass to Launch in Seoul
Seoul-lovers rejoice! A special card program will soon be launched in the South Korean region that will give foreign travelers discounts or even free admissions to multiple attractions across this Asian country. This travel pass will specifically target the metropolitan area, giving travelers access to a lot of modern fun and excitement in the big city.