Global News: PAL Recipient of 2019 Most-improved Award, Thanksgiving Travel Updates, and more!

PAL receives most-improved 2019 award
To be told that “you’ve improved“ can make anybody feel proud, and Philippine Airlines definitely has a lot to be proud about. Being the leading flag carrier of the Philippines is often never enough in the travel industry, and Philippine Airlines is constantly changing and evolving to better serve customers. With new plane models available, expansion of available destinations, and constant care in following the most convenient trends for travelers, it’s no wonder PAL was cited as one of the most improved airlines for 2019.
Updates: Thanksgiving Travel
We all know Thanksgiving can be a busy holiday, what with a large percentage of people returning home to mingle and dine with the family. But large crowds of seasonal travelers often spell out frustrating travel moments and situations that can really stress you out. 2018’s Thanksgiving event is predicted to have one of the largest numbers of travelers, second only to the massive volume 2005, so preparation is definitely advised.
Airline Trends: Safety Videos
Anybody who's ever flown on a plane knows that airline safety instructions can be pretty monotonous and boring. From silent pantomimes to the instructions of a very slow voice to an even slower and duller reading instructional. But not all airlines are stuck in the past. Some of them have adapted to entertaining, even musical, forms of airline safety information dissemination to help keep their customers awake and aware of what to do in the event of less than ideal flying situations.
Eco-friendly Art in Rome
Wouldn’t it be great if murals could do more than just speak messages and look artsy? Well, that must’ve crossed the mind of Federico Massa, a Milanese street artist. The art uses special paint that neutralizes smog and other pollutants to help keep the air clean. The mural itself depicts a near-extinct bird to help bring people’s attention to the dwindling ecosystem and how the things we do, big or small, can help make a collectively big difference.
No better time to travel than today
They quote “there’s no better time than the present”, is definitely the motto for travels in this day and age. With so many modern advancements in transportation and airfares, it’s definitely easier and more accessible than ever before to indulge in a holiday away from home. Why not look into your dream travels and bucket lists and set yourself a travel goal sometime at the end of this year or at the start of the next?
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