Global News: PH Destination for Solo Travelers, Changi Airport Turned Wizarding World, and more!

Philippines: Recommended Solo Travel Destinations
The trend for solo travels is still very much alive, but where can traveler’s exercise their ability for lone adventuring? If you find yourself in the Philippines, there are be several islands you can explore all by yourself! The Southeast island of the Philippines is the perfect collection of islands to start your one-person traveling group, with summer vibe and beaches to entertain you on your quest for self-care and relaxation.
Singapore Airport Takes You to Wizarding World
If you want a little more magic on your next journey Singapore airport have got you covered with a swish and flick. Warner Brothers has transformed three of the country’s major airports into recognizable scenes and settings from the magical world of the Harry Potter films. If you’re a big Potter or Fantastic Beasts fan and an avid traveler, this destination may be the biggest highlight of your adventures yet!
Food Tripping in Lisbon
Being a foodie and a traveler marries your love for both exotic locales and their equally exotic food, but have you ever tried the tasty morsels of the enchanting Lisbon? All manner of foods and flavors can be found if you know where to look, and the internet is a great tool to help uncover these hidden gems of gastronomic pleasure. Grab a handy guide and explore the meals of this foreign land and open your mind (and your mouth) to new food experiences.
Where to Next?
While you have a list of your must-visit places, why not check out these recommended destinations based on your previous journeys? Maybe you want to recreate your winter holiday in Europe after your last white Christmas in the US or take your summer adventures to the next level to another globally renowned island. It is also a good idea to find out the counterpart of your previous journeys in order to help you refresh your bucket list and create more exciting adventures on your next “where to”.
Saving on Meals while on the Go
Travel is a passion, yes. And one of the irresistible things about traveling is getting a taste of your destination. You tend to indulge on food while on the go, and there’s nothing wrong with stuffing yourself while engaging on your adventures. Wouldn’t it be awesome to if you can spend more on local meals and less on snacks, though? Packing your bag with some snacks will help you get by until you reach your next stop instead of having to buy every time you have a rumbly tummy. Find out more on how you can budget your food while traveling!