Global News: What to do in Vietnam, Green Travels, and more!

2019 Vietnam Travels
Is Vietnam one of the items prominent on your travel bucket list? Well, if you’re planning to visit, it’s best you look into the area’s layout so you don’t get lost looking around the fantastic attractions and destinations one can find (or miss) all over the place. A little bit of research is all it takes to make a fantastic itinerary of the memorable tourist selections in this exotic land.
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Green Travels on the Rise
One of the trends in the tourism industry that has been making waves is sustainable travel. From hotels embracing green principles and promoting eco-friendly must-haves to responsible travels by means of focusing on minimizing the negative impact on the environment. There’s no better way to discover our land and all the life that roams upon it than taking the right initiative through this change.
Nat Geo Picks 2019 Travel Destinations
Looking at updating your journeys for the new year? One of the world’s popular travel magazine, the National Geographic, shares a list that will have you revamping your current bucket list. Whether your journey is city, nature, adventure, or culture-focused, your travels are sure to be packed full of new and surprising experiences across these destinations.
Seoul’s New Runner Culture
The exercise culture has become one of the biggest trends in the culture of today, from gym memberships, fitness blogs, to online workout idols (with fitness-related business sponsors). In Seoul, one of the trendiest Asian cities of the modern day, running has become one of the biggest health activities enjoyed by people of all ages. Once practiced only to help keep the elderly healthy, now the youth can get into this activity and help get the entire nation healthy.
Hot Summers in Europe: Bulgaria and Greece
Already looking forward to your summertime vacation this coming year? You might wanna set your sights over to Europe’s Bulgaria and Greece, two of the hottest upcoming holiday must-visit destination for your yearly escape. Keep these two in your list the next time you’re seeking a fresh new place to call your home away from home.