How to Plan Long Weekend Travels

Long weekends. The gift we are often blessed with to help us cope with our monotonous school or work life. When the two-day weekend is not enough to recuperate or to finish an ongoing project, a few extra days can feel godsend. For some, they take the time to indulge in their hobbies. For others, it’s a time to catch up on lost rest and relaxation. For many avid adventurers, however, the long weekend is a great excuse to get out of the house and go on a mini-vacation.

 But how does one plan a good long weekend, you ask? There are a few simple rules you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes to an extended weekend getaway:

Destination distance
Knowing how far your intended weekend destination is very important. It’ll help you estimate how far you’ll need to travel, how long you can stay before being able to go home, and how many supplies you’ll need based on how much time you spend on the road. It helps to pick a destination that isn’t too far but still a great place to relax or have fun. Try a local beach or even rent a cozy hotel room in a nearby town or city for a fun staycation.

Map it out
Once you’ve got a destination in mind, it's time to draw out some plans. Even if this is just for the weekend, planning is key to making the most of this hard-to-come-by opportunity to relax and enjoy some free time. Get a map so you can gauge the distance from home to your goal and lay out an itinerary based on research you’ve done.

Point out pit stops
This is especially important for road trippers, as the occasional bathroom and snack buying breaks will pop up now and then. Some roads have well-known stop-n-shop areas where traveling families and friends can park in for a short while to take care of anything they might need. Just because it's a rest stop, doesn’t mean you have the luxury of resting there for long (that's what your destination is for). Time is of the essence while on the road, so remind your travel buddies to spend only a set amount of time in each stop. It helps to designate a snack shopper minutes before entering the rest stop so that they can buy supplies while everybody else can run to the toilets.

Mid-travel attractions
Much like pit stops, roadside attractions should be planned for ahead of time as well. It’s good to get out, stretch your legs, and take a breather while snapping some photos to remember the trip by. It can get pretty boring between home and your intended destination, so taking a quick stop to refresh the body and mind can make the trip less stressful for the people involved.

Enjoy your last day
Some people prefer to dedicate their last day of the long weekend to heading home because unpacking, washing, and rearranging your bags and clothes takes time. But you owe it to yourself to make the most out of every hour for your long weekend vacation. Set an activity for your final day or just enjoy it as it is by relaxing. If doing that will make you come home late, just leave your bags full of stuff in a corner and worry about it the next time you’re free. With all the effort you put into planning and traveling, you deserve to kick back and chill before a new work week begins.
So when is your next long weekend? Got a travel destination in mind for it? A long weekend can be a blessing for people who are stuck in a work rut or feel like they’re trapped in a work loop which can lead to their work performance dipping. Everybody, no matter how dedicated and happy they are with the job, needs time to collect their thoughts and just enjoy time away from the office. A longer weekend allows them just that.